Energy week

Have an entire energetic week with this elegant collection of Momen classics.

In this box you will find some basic products to optimize the inside of your fridge. This box puts enjoyable tasty, healthy meals to the reach of your hand.

Suitable for 10 meals

Side Kicks

Momen’s collection of healthy and delicious sides and appetizers for good times with the people you love.

The box includes different kinds of hummus, dips, warm & cold salads, fresh veggies with  Kibbe & Falafel and some toppings & dressings.

Suitable for 8-12 portions

PicNic Box

Picnic with friends! But what to bring along? Chips and Coke? Or a delicate box of uplifting mood & energy enhancing snacks 🙂

You will find a rainbowy variety of hummus and delicious dips, perfectly suitable for veggie sticks, salty crackers and of course the famous falafel which literally round up this tasty mix.

Suitable for 8-12 portions at least