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Vegetarian, Vegan, and non-vegan middle eastern food in Vienna

Authentic Middle Eastern Food Options in Vienna

Food delivery service in Vienna.
Fresh, healthy and delicious exotic food of the finest ingredients, chosen carefully and produced locally,

Momen is the brand name of a food production and delivery service in Vienna.
Established in 2013, Momen has been taking steps to improve the fast food scene in Vienna by introducing healthy, nutritious and delicious new products to businesses and customers.
We focus on developing a Vegan friendly concept with over 80% of the products being plant based with no added sugar.

We love healthy eating

Our range of oriental specialties includes hummus in various flavors, falafel in different sizes and variations, deliciously light snacks, salads and dips as well as healthy, oriental sweets.

Classic Falafel
Deep fried classic Falafel with onions, parsely, garlic, spices and herbs
Classic Hummus
Traditional recipe of Classic Hummus with 25% Tahina, Garlic, lemon and salt.
Levantine Sweets

Levant sweets mix


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