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Hummus Bowls, Falafel, Salads & Dips, Bread & More

With over 10 components of Base, Toppings and Sides, Momen Hummus Bowls appeears like a colourful masterpiece of top class nutritious&delicious meal.
PicNic Box

Small portions of wraps alongside, crackers, veggie, Salads and dips. No need to warm up anything

Suitable for 8-12 portions at least

Finger Food

Stylish Buffet of Finger Food and dips. Mini Wraps&Burgers, Salads&Dips, Hummus&Falafel, and much more..

Suitable for 10 portions at least

Side Kicks

Collection of healthy vegan appetizers for good times with friends and family..

Paket includes different kinds of Hummus, dips, warm & cold salads, fresh veggie with  Kibbe & Falafel and some toppings & dressings.

Enough for 8-12 portions

Final Touch

Half cooked Fresh and Healthy lunch/dinner, just put it in the oven.

Seasonal Veggies with various seasoning and Herbs. Include Cauliflower, Champignon, Pumpkin, Stuffed Peppers, mini Zucchini and Potatoes.

Energy week

Classic collection of Momen products to stuff your fridge for an Energetic week.
Paket contains different flavours of Hummus, Dips, Falafel, Salats, Rice, Sweets, Drinks and some more…

Suitable for 10 meals



A unique collections of exotic vegan products, produced locally with no added sugar
Classic Hummus

The traditional recipe of Classic-Hummus with 25% Tahina, Garlic, lemon, and salt.

Energy Balls

Energy balls of sweet dates and nuts

Stuffed Dates

Stuffed Medjoul Dates

Vegan Catering of 1001 nights

Vegan Catering in Vienna


You Don’t Have To Choose* Sides

Hummus Bowls



Hummus Bowls Kibbe delivered in Vienna


Pun Intended. Try Them All. They Are Equally Great and Served With More Complementary Delicious Items on the Side.

Vegan Friendly

Wide range of vegan products, healthy and delicious

Flexible Service

We can meet your demands and help you personalize your order

Premium Quality

Traditional recipes for original products; Top Quality only

Pick up & Delivery

We deliver to your doorstep, free of charge for orders above 30€

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